Subdivision of a territory («rayonization») and vegetation cartography
V. B. Sochava

Small-scale vegetation maps
H. Gaussen

On «The Vegetation map of the USSR» (1 : 2 500 000)
S. A. Gribova, T. I. Isасhenко, A. S. Кarpenко, A. A. Yunatov

The principles of showing vegetation in series of large-scale maps in connection with mapping dynamics of natural environment
A. А. Кrauкlis, Yu. O. Medvedev

Mapping of complexes of plant association fragments in semi-desert (1 : 3 000—1 : 100 000)
B. V. Vinogradov

Some methodical problems of geobotanical subdivision on basis of mapping some territories of taiga
G. I. Kozlova

Reviews and information

Symposium on methods and programms of a large-scale vegetation cartography
A. N. Luкiсheva

Papers on vegetation cartography on a conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of prof. N. I. Kuznetzov
A. S. Karpenko

An intercollege conference on geobotanical subdivision of the USSR
T. I. Isachenko, Z. V. Karamysheva, E. I. Rасhкоvsкaja

Airphotography and cartography of vegetation on the international conference in Toulouse
B. V. Vinogradov

Vegetation maps in the «Physical-geographie atlas of the world»
S. A. Gribova

Vegetation map of Azerbaidjan SSR (contemporary cover)
T. I. Isachenko

Vegetation cartography in USA
V. V. Lipatova

Рецензии и информация

Первый опыт международной стандартизации карт растительного покрова
В. Б. Сочава