Cartographical modelling of the ecological-resource potential of territory

N. N. Lavrenko



The multifacetous scientific activity of Victor B. Sochava has found reflection in the numerous contributions-monographs and cartographical works issued by him and his pupils during the 70–80s. Now they are represent a base for development of modern trends of thematic mapping including ecological ones.

Ecological mapping involves the spatial reflection of various natural and technogenic structures and their relationships. The cartographical modelling of territory potential is referred to this set of problems. Modelling in this aspect represents the désintégration of complex natural systems through classification and formalization into simple inner elements. Concerning the resources we have to bear in mind renewed and interconnected components of nature (forest, soil, water).

This problem is subdivided into a number of tasks, namely:

1. determination of functions and characters of interconnected resources;

2. modelling of environmental and row material ecological functions of resources;

3. subdivision of space into territorial ecosystems;

4. classification, formalization, normalization and construction of the resource potential of ecosystems.

System transformation of basic theoretical principles, formulated by V. Sochava, enables ecological map to design and to model various states of resource potential of territory. Solving the problem of cartographic modelling of ecological-resource potential of territory one have to seek for universal territorial ecosystem. Such unit is a drainage basin. The privilege to deal with ecosystem of water-drainage basin lays in possibility of limit determination, analysis of interconnected resources (forest, soil, water) by means of objective models or «black box» model. The new ideas appear: concrete drainage basin represents a spatialnon renewal recourse: results of management may be estimated on the ecosystem exit. At the same time theoretical and practical experience in the mapping of all nature environment and economy components can be applied to the drainage basin ecosystems.

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