The vegetation large-scale mapping of hydromorphic ecosystems

N. A. Volkova



In order to study processes taking place in secondary overmoisturised ecosystems large-scale mapping of vegetation of the ecosystems was realized. The research was taken in the steppe zone in the Rostov region. 6 yearly maps (1997–2003) of plant communities were completed at the key plot. Plant communities distribution and dynamics mostly depend on soil moisturizing and salinization. Three main types of plant successions were distinguished: 1 – fluctuation changes of plant communities effected by soil moisture degree; 2 – plant successions influenced by intermittent overmoisturization; 3 – plant successions under antropogenic influence.

Key words: large-scale mapping, vegetation dynamics, serial series, modern hydromorphism, the Rostov Region

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Volkova N. A. 2013. The vegetation large-scale mapping of hydromorphic ecosystems // Geobotanical mapping 2013. St. Petersburg. P. 125–135.