Anamorphic fungi on grasses in Vietnam

V. A. Mel’nik, A. V. Alexandrova, E. S. Popov



Annotated list of 24 species of anamorphic fungi found on Saccharum spontaneum, Thysanolaena latifolia and Erianthus spp. after examination of field collections in Vietnam (2010–2014) is presented. Ardhachandra aequilatera, Arthrinium spegazzinii, Cheiromyces stellatus, Dactylaria candidula, Periconia atra and P. digitata are recorded for the first time for the mycobiota of Vietnam. Collecting sites are abbreviated as follows: I — Dak Lak Province, Chu Yang Sin National Park; II — Dong Nai Province, National Park Cat Tien, Nam Cat Tien Sector ; IIIа — Lam Dong Province, National Park Bi Doup-Nui Ba; IIIb — Lam Dong Province, Loc Bac forestry; IV — Binh Phuoc Province, Bu Gia Map National Park. Information on certain taxa in the list is supplemented by notes on geographical distribution, nomenclature and biological peculiarities of these species.

Key words: anamorphic fungi, grasses, Saccharum spontaneum, Thysanolaena latifolia, Erianthus, mycobiota, Vietnam

Section: Fungi

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