Bryophytes of the Larsemann Hills (Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctica)

L. E. Kurbatova, M. P. Andreev



The bryoflora of Larsemann Hills oasis (Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctica) was investigated. Six moss species and one liverwort, Cephaloziella varians, were recorded during field studies over the period 2009–2014. Bryum archangelicum Bruch et Schimp. is new for Princess Elizabeth Land and three species [B. archangelicum, Bryoerythrophyllum antarcticum (L. I. Saviz et Smirnova) P. Sollman and Syntrichia sarconeurum Ochyra et R. H. Zander] are new for Larsemann Hills. Representative specimens are listed and data on habitats and associated species provided. The most common mosses in the area are Bryum pseudotriquetrum and Coscinodon lawianus. Bryum pseudotriquetrum was found for the first time in Larsemann Hills at the bottom of lakes.

Key words: bryophytes, flora, Larsemann Hills, Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctica

Section: Bryophytes

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