To flora of bryophytes (Bryophyta, Marchantiophyta) of Northbrook Island (Franz Josef Land Archipelago)

I. V. Czernyadjeva, A. D. Potemkin, S. S. Kholod



A brief survey of bryophyte studies on the Franz Josef Land Archipelago and its southernmost Northbrook Island is provided. Identification of bryophytes collected by S. S. Kholod in 2012 at Cape Flora of Northbrook Island resulted in finds of 45 moss species and 9 liverwort species, including 27 moss species and 7 liverwort species new for Northbrook Island (marked by asterisk — *), 7 moss species and 2 liverwort species new for Franz Josef Land (marked by double asterisk — **). The morphology of a critical collection of Orthocaulis cf. floerkei is discussed. Ten moss and two liverwort species recorded earlier for Northbrook Island by Savicz (1936) and Zhukova (1973b) have not been found in the studied collections. Data on doubtful and excluded taxa are provided and annotated in Russian and English. In total 55 moss and 11 liverwort species are known at present from Northbrook Island.

Key words: bryophytes, mosses, liverworts, Franz Josef Land, Northbrook Island, flora, High Arctic, polar deserts

Section: Bryophytes

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Czernyadjeva I. V., Potemkin A. D., Kholod S. S. 2015. To flora of bryophytes (Bryophyta, Marchantiophyta) of Northbrook Island (Franz Josef Land Archipelago). Novosti Sist. Nizsh. Rast. 49: 387–397.


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