Hedysarum kulikovii, new name in new rank (Fabaceae)

M. S. Knyazev

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31111/novitates/2018.49.106


A new name in the rank of species, Hedysarum kulikovii Knjaz., is published for H. tscherkassovae Knjaz. var. intermedium Knjaz. The species occurs in mountain steppe near the southern extremity of the Ural mountain range between 50° and 52°30′ N, 56°30′ and 58°30′ E. It is characterized by evenly purple flowers (vs. bicolour with pink standard and white keel in H. tscherkassovae s. str. and H. razoumowianum Helm et Fisch. ex DC.), smooth and zigzag-curved legumes (vs. smooth and flat in H. tscherkassovae s. str., or rouleau-like folded and thorned in H. razoumowianum), bluish-green leaves remaining its colour when dry (vs. green, brown-green when dry in H. tscherkassovae s. str., or green, yellowish-green when dry in H. razoumowianum), densely hairy with appressed hairs, whitish calyx (vs. greenish, purple-tinged, thinner hairy). An identification key and map of distribution of H. kulikovii and some related species of Hedysarum sect. Multicaulia are presented.

Key words: Hedysarum, section Multicaulia, H. tscherkassovae var. intermedium, H. kulikovii, new name, new rank, Southern Ural

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Knyazev M. S. 2018. Hedysarum kulikovii, new name in new rank (Fabaceae) // Novitates Syst. Pl. Vasc. Vol. 49. P. 106–111. https://doi.org/10.31111/novitates/2018.49.106

Submitted: 13.03.2018. Accepted: 07.12.2018.


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