Volume 51, 2020

New species of Festuca altaica affinity (Poaceae) from the Russian Far East and East Siberia
I. V. Enushchenko, N. S. Probatova

Morphology, nomenclature and distribution of Bassia monticola (Chenopodiaceae-Amaranthaceae), a poorly known species from Western Asia
Alexander P. Sukhorukov, M. A. Kushunina

Taxonomic history and epitypification of Corydalis kaschgarica (Fumariaceae)
M. A. Mikhailova

Crataegus gregorianii (Rosaceae), a new species from Armenia
E. Tz. Gabrielian, M. V. Sargsyan

New delimitation of two series within Alchemilla subsection Calycanthum and new subdivision within Alchemilla series Calycinae (Rosaceae)
A. V. Chkalov

Astragalus habaheensis (sect. Erioceras, Fabaceae) in Mongolia and China
M. S. Knyazev

A synopsis of Euphorbia (Euphobiaceae) for the Caucasus
D. V. Geltman

Overview of species of the Clinopodium sections Calamintha and Ellementha (Lamiaceae) in the flora of the Caucasus and adjacent territories
D. G. Melnikov

Floristic records

First record of Corynephorus canescens (Poaceae) in Leningrad Region and its status in Northwestern Russia
A. V. Leostrin

New alien species of flowering plants to the flora of the Arabian Peninsula
V. V. Byalt, M. V. Korshunov

Nomenclatural notes

Transfer of the Kobresia taxa of the flora of Russia and adjacent countries to the genus Carex (Cyperaceae)
D. G. Melnikov, L. I. Krupkina

Том 51, 2020 год