Issue 5, 2003


Syntaxonomy of the alliance Caricion appendiculatae Akhtyamov et al. 1985 (Calamagrostietea langsdorffii) in the Northern Trans-Baikal area
O. A. Anenkhonov

Floristic regional subdivision and syntaxonomy
A. D. Bulokhov

Swamp plant communities with Salix reptans Rupr. and S. lanata L. in the west of tundra zone of Taymyr Peninsula
L. L. Zanokha

Еutrophic shrub willow communities in the middle reaches of the Palyavaam river (the western part of the Chukotka plateau, Northeastern Asia)
N. A. Sekretareva

Associations of Sphagnum rubellum Wils. on the bogs of the south-east part of Baltic region
V. A. Smagin, M. G. Napreenko

The steppe-meadows of the order Galietalia veri Mirkin et Naumova 1986 in the South Urals
S. M. Yamalov, A. A. Filinov, A. I. Solomeshch

Critics and bibliography

(A review) A. D. Bulokhov, A. I. Solomeshch. Syntaxonomy of forests of Russian South Nechernosemie. Brjansk: BGU, 2003. 359 p.
B. M. Mirkin, V. B. Martynenko, L. G. Naumova

(A review) N. B. Ermakov. Diversity of boreal vegetation of North Asia. Hemiboreal forests. Classifiction and ordination. Novosibirsk, 2003. 232 p.
B. M. Mirkin, V. B. Martynenko, L. G. Naumova

(A review) A. Borhidi. Hungarian plant communities. Budapest, 2003. 610 p. (A. Borhidi. Magyarország növénytársulásai. Akadémiai Kiadó)
V. B. Golub, N. B. Bazhanova

(A review) Three books on natural environment of the coastal area of the Gulf of Finland
Z. V. Karamysheva

(Book review) I. M. Gadghiev, A. Yu. Korolyuk et al. Steppes of Inner Asia

(Book review) M. Yu. Telyatnikov. Vegetation of the typical tundras of Yamal Peninsula

(Book review) Botanical geography of Kazakhstan and Middle Asia (desert region) / Ed. E. I. Rachkovskaya, E. A. Volkova, V. N. Khramtsov


To the decennary of the Laboratory of steppe zone vegetation, Komarov Botanical Institute RAS (1993—2003)
N. I. Bobrovskaya

Выпуск 5, 2003 год