Floristic regional subdivision and syntaxonomy

A. D. Bulokhov



The advantages of using floristic subdivision of the area for syntaxonomic purposes are discussed. The analysis of changes in floristic composition of East-European broad-leaved forest communities along the West-East continentality gradient shows that floristic differences between the adjacent provinces correspond to changes in species composition at the association or the alliance level. A new association, Lathyro nigri—Quercetum roburis (all. Aceri tatarici—Quercion Zolyomi 1957, order Quercetalia pubescenti-petraeae Klika 1933), is established for the Southern Non-Chernozem region of European Russia.

Key words: floristic province, syntaxonomy, classification, broad-leaved forest, Southern Non-Chernozem region of Russia

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Bulokhov A. D. 2003. Floristic regional subdivision and syntaxonomy // Vegetation of Russia. N 5. P. 19–27.

Received April 7 2003