Issue 9, 2006


Ecological and phytocoenological characteristics of high mountain communies of Oya ridge eastern part (Western Sayan)
E. G. Zibzeev, T. S. Chernicova

Treeless plant communities of the East Murman shore (Kola peninsula, Russia)
N. E. Koroleva

Syntaxonomic changes in the plant cover of meadow steppe in the «Mikhailovskaya Tselina» reserve (Sumy Region, Ukraine)
H. N. Lysenko, I. A. Korotchenko

Bank vegetation (Isoёto-Nanojuncetea, Phragmito-Magnocaricetea) of the Kolyma River upper reaches, Russian Far East
N. V. Sinelnikova, G. S. Taran

Association DichostylidiHeleochloetum alopecuroidis (Tímár 1950) Pietsch 1973 (Isoёto-Nanojuncetea) in Volga river delta
G. S. Taran, A. P. Laktionov

Floristic classification of forests with Fagus orientalis Lypsky and Abies nordmanniana (Stev.) Spach in the Belaya river basin (Western Caucasus)
A. A. Frantsuzov

Research Methods

A review of the modern programs for the geobotanical analysis
A. B. Novakovsky

Critics and bibliography

(A review) D. N. Karpov, N. A. Yuritsyna. Saline soils vegetation of the Southern Ural and adjacent regions / V. B. Golub, S. V. Saksonov (eds.). Togliatti, 2006. 124 p., ill.
B. M. Mirkin, S. M. Yamalov

(Book review) Yuntolovskiy regional complex reserve / E. A. Volkova, G. A. Isachenko, V. N. Khramtsov (eds.)

(Book review) V. N. Fedorchuk, V. Yu. Neshatayev, M. L. Kuznetsova. Forest Ecosystems of the North-Western regions of Russia: Typology, dynamics, forests management features

(Book review) T. A. Popova, L. I. Berezkina and others. Nature park «Vepssky Forest»

Выпуск 9, 2006 год