Steppe vegetation (Festuco-Brometea) of Western Altai piedmonts

A. Yu. Korolyuk

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Classification of steppe communities of the Western Altai piedmonts is presented according to the Braun-Blanquet approach. The most part of steppes refer to the order Helictotricho-Stipetalia. New dry steppe ass. Astragalo stenoceratis—Stipetum lessingianae is des­cribed. Zonal true steppes (associations Artemisio austriacae—Stipetum capillatae, Artemisio austriacae—Stipetum zalesskii) and their petrophyte variants (asso­ciations Gypsophilo patrinii—Festucetum valesiacae, Allio rubentis—Caricetum humilis, Eritrichio altaicae—Stipetum korshinskyi) are characterized. Three asso­ciations of meadow steppes (Carici humilis—Stipetum zalesskii, Carici pediformis—Spiraetum trilobatae, Potentillo chrysanthae—Dactylidetum glomeratae) refer to the order Stipetalia sibiricae. Changes in plants communities along the humidity gradient are analysed.

Key words: steppe vegetation, syntaxonomy, Western Altai, piedmonts, Festuco-Brometea

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Korolyuk A. Yu. 2007. Steppe vegetation (Festuco-Brometea]) of Western Altai piedmonts // Vegetation of Russia. N 10. P. 38–60.

Received May 19 2006