(A review) Vegetation of Slovakia. Vol. 5. 2008

V. B. Golub, V. K. Shitikov

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31111/vegrus/2009.15.135


Peer-reviewed publication is part of a series of books «Vegetation of Slovakia». In the first volume of this series (Valachovic et al., 1995) gave an overview of pioneer vegetation, in the second (Jarolimek et al., 1997) is a commensal in the third (Rastlinne..., 2001) — herbaceous and sphagnum swamps, fourth — Alpine vegetation (Vegetacia..., 2007). The publication of 2 more volumes, which will be devoted to herbaceous and forested plant communities. This volume is different from both previous and planned publications. It provides a feature for all classes, even those which have not yet been published. The results of the statistical analysis of geobotanical descriptions accumulated in the Slovak national vegetation database (SNVD).

Section: Critics and bibliography

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Golub V. B., Shitikov V. K. 2009. (A review) Vegetation of Slovakia. Vol. 5. 2008 // Vegetation of Russia. N 15. P. 135–138. https://doi.org/10.31111/vegrus/2009.15.135

Received December 2 2009


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