(Book review) Т. K. Yurkovskaya, G. A. Elina. Reconstracted vegetation on the geobotanical and paleovegetation maps


The work pioneers to be based on joint analysis of modern and past vegetation maps. This allows to understand deeper plant cover of Karelia Origination and development peculiarities, to find past features in modern vegetation, to know the changes in latitude vegetation patterns and shifts of vegetation subzone limits within latest 10 000 – 11 000 years. The objective of our work is the analysis of main pattern rule in undisturbed vegetation showing interrelations of vegetation and environment. The modern vegetation map is considered as plant cover spatial model. Mapping is a remarkable tool to research the plant cover on different organization levels so that becomes the basic idea of the map. The main pattern rules observed are caused by latitude, regional and local variation in vegetation cover.

We find important in theoretical sense to use map analysis to study the structure and dynamics of plant cover inside Late Glacial and Holocene periods. The technique developed by us pioneers to allow reconstruction of vegetation evolution in the past. Developed maps of middle- and small-scale maps are to be called unique ones.

Section: Critics and bibliography

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