(Book review) V. Sarnatskiy. Spruce forests: development, raising of productivity and stability in Belarus


Ecological and phytocenological features of spruce plantations growth in existing complex interrelations inside and between formations of forest vegetation in Belarus are examined in the monograph. Scientific and practical basis of an estimation of influence of ecological factors on forming, productivity and stability of forest stands in conditions of dark coniferous forests global degradation and periodic mass drying up of spruce are described. Regional specific character and regularities of display of this natural event are presented. Practical measures to overcoming, minimization consequences of the event, to rational use of wood resources, regeneration of spruce forests, enhancement of its productivity and stability are developed.

The book is intended for scientists, teachers and students of high schools, technical schools and other educational institutions of a biological direction, for soil scientists, ecologists, specialists in forest management and environmental protection.

Table 92. Ill. 39. Bibliogr. 502.

Section: Critics and bibliography

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