The vegetation of the Bya-Chumysh upland

N. I. Makunina, A. Yu. Korolyuk, T. V. Maltseva



Zonal vegetation of the Bya-Chumysh Upland is typical for the forest-steppe zone. It includes 9 associations, 7 alliances, 5 orders and 3 classes: Festuco-Brometea, Brachypodio-Betuletea, Molinio-Arrhenatheretea. The phytosociological tables and the characteristics of vegetation syntaxa are given. The plant cover peculiarities are caused by relief. 3 particular regions were revealed, their vegetation structure have been described.

Key words: vegetation, classification, forest-steppe, Bya-Chumysh Upland

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Makunina N. I., Korolyuk A. Yu., Maltseva T. V. 2010. The vegetation of the Bya-Chumysh upland // Vegetation of Russia. N 16. P. 40–55.

Received May 14 2008