Issue 17–18, 2011


Plant communities of the class Onosmato polyphyllae—Ptilostemonetea Korzhenevsky 1990 on the territory of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus and the Crimean peninsula
V. B. Golub, N. A. Grechushkina, A. N. Sorokin, L. F. Nikolaychuk

Relic steppes of the order Helictotrichetalia schelliani Hilbig 2000 of the Omolon valley (Western Chukotka)
V. B. Dokuchayeva, N. V. Sinelnikova

Syntaxonomical diversity of vegetation of the Dnieper’s mouth region. V. Class Lemnetea R. Tuxen ex O. Bolos et Masclans 1955
D. V. Dubyna, T. P. Dziuba

Marsh vegetation in the north-east of Malozemelskaya tundra
N. V. Matveyeva, O. V. Lavrinenko

Research Methods

Using vegetation relevés as a sample collection for classification of plant communities
V. B. Golub


To the 125 anniversary of the Institute of Forest, Snow and Landscape
T. K. Yurkovskaya

Critics and bibliography

(A review) E. A. Averinova. Grassland vegetation of the Seim river basin (in limits of the Kursk region). Briansk, 2010. 351 p.
B. M. Mirkin, L. G. Naumova

(Book review) V. Yu. Neshatayeva. The vegetation of the Kamchatka Peninsula

(Book review) V. T . Yarmishko, I. Yu. Bakkal and others. The Dynamics of forest communities of North-West Russia

(Book review) Flora and vegetation of the national landscape reserve "Yelnya" / Ed. N. N. Bumbalova

(Book review) Research problems and goals in modern mire science in Russia / Ed. T. K. Yurkovskaya

(Book review) G. D. Dymina. Classification, dynamics and ontogeny of phytocenosis (on the example of Siberia)

(Book review) N. A. Konstantinova, V. A. Kostina and others. The diversity of plants, lichens and cyanoprokaryotes of Murmansk province: results of study and conservation.


The All-Russian conference «Development of Geobotany: History and Present» (Saint Petersburg, 31 January—2 February 2011)
O. I. Sumina


Vera Danilovna Alexandrova — the outstanding Russian geobotanist, the explorer of Arctic vegetation (to the 100th anniversary)
V. Yu. Neshataeva, V. Yu. Neshataev

Tatiana Kornelievna Yurkovskaya (to the 80th anniversary of her birthday)

Выпуск 17–18, 2011 год