Mire vegetation of the Il’menski State Nature Reserve, the Southern Urals

T. G. Ivchenko

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31111/vegrus/2013.22.38


The article presents a general characteristic and analysis of the vegetation of 12 mire massifs on the territory of the Il’menski Reserve, the Southern Urals. The vegetation communities are described from the geobotanic point of view; the most characteristic associations are singled out and illustrated by vertical profiles on the basis of ecological-phytocenological approach. All mire communities described in the article are referred to 3 vegetation types — Uliginion, Phorbion, Hygrosphagnion, 5 formation classes, 8 formations and 14 associations. The mires of the Il’menski Reserve are rather diverse in vegetation. Pinus sylvestris–Chamaedaphne calyculata + Eriophorum vaginatumSphagnum magellanicum + S. balticum and Pinus sylvestrisChamaedaphne calyculataSphagnum magellanicum are the most typical associations of the explored bogs. The associations of Carex limosa + C. cinereaSphagnum obtusum + S. teres and Carex lasiocarpaSphagnum obtusum + S. teres, are representatives of mesotrophic mires, while Betula pubescensCarex juncella and Betula pubescensCarex lasiocarpa + C. omskiana + Calamagrostis canescens are typical of eutrophic ones. The complex of rare plant species located on their areal borders grows in the communities studied. The protected mire massifs are well preserved. They vary in feeding type, location in the landscape, botanic and geographic features. The Reserve mires are key areas represented by various vegetation communities that are characteristic of the pine and birch forest subzone of the Urals eastern slope. The vegetation classification presented in the article enables us to extend our knowledge about mire phytocenosis of the Il’menski Nature Reserve and is going to be part of the generalized classification of the mires of the Southern Urals Region.

Key words: mires, vegetation, classification, Il’menski Reserve, Southern Urals

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Ivchenko T. G. 2013. Mire vegetation of the Il’menski State Nature Reserve, the Southern Urals // Vegetation of Russia. N 22. P. 38–62. https://doi.org/10.31111/vegrus/2013.22.38

Received August 16 2011