Meadow steppe associations of South Urals

S. M. Yamalov, A. V. Bayanov, A. A. Muldashev, E. A. Averinova



The syntaxonomical analysis of meadow steppe vegetation of the order Festucetalia valesiacae Br.-Bl. et Tx. ex Br.- Bl. 1950 (class Festuco-Brometea Br.-Bl. et Tx. Ex Soó 1947) and their petrophytic variants in the South Urals (within Bashkortostan Republic) is carried out. The diversity of meadow steppe vegetation is presented by 1 class, 1 order, 1 alliance, 2 suballiance, 6 associations and 2 subassociations. Four new associations and two new subassociations are described. The associations are well differentiated geographically and floristically. It is shown that the main environmental factors influencing the floristic composition of plant communities are moisture and rocky habitats.

Key words: meadows steppes, syntaxonomy, order Festucetalia valesiacae, South Ural

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Yamalov S. M., Bayanov A. V., Muldashev A. A., Averinova E. A. 2013. Meadow steppe associations of South Urals // Vegetation of Russia. N 22. P. 106–125.

Received May 29 2012