Issue 23, 2013


On a new vegetation association of the Black Sea pseudolittoral zone
D. F. Afanasyev, Sh. R. Abdullin

The vegetation of steppe and forest-steppe belts of the Central Altai
N. I. Makunina

Grid mapping of Vladimir Region flora, Russia: distribution of species reveals distribution of plant communities
A. P. Seregin

Mountain tundra of the south-eastern part of Czersky Mountain Range (classes Loiseleurio-Vaccinietea and Carici rupestris–Kobresietea)
N. V. Sinelnikova

Vegetation dynamics in the Voronezh Nature Reserve in view of the its landscape structure
E. A. Starodubtseva, L. G. Khanina, V. E. Smirnov

Zonation in the plant cover on the Wrangel Island: syntaxonomical approach
S. S. Kholod

History of science

Some details of the L. G. Ramensky biography (additions and comments to the letter by V. P. Savich to T. A. Rabotnov)
V. B. Golub

Critics and bibliography

(A review) Green Data Book of the Bryansk region: plant communities that are in need of protection / Ed. A. D. Bulokhov. Bryansk, 2012. 144 p.
L. G. Naumova, E. Z. Baisheva, V. B. Martynenko

(A review) B. Yu. Teteryuk. Flora and vegetation of ancient lakes at the European North-East of Russia. St. Petersburg: Nauka, 2012. 237 p.
N. V. Matveyeva

(Book review) O. I. Sumina. Development of the vegetation on the industrial habitats of the Russian Far North

(Book review) Z. Debreczy, I. Rácz. Conifers around the World: conifers of the temperate zones and adjacent regions

(Book review) A. V. Pugachevsky et al. Rare biotopes of Belarus

(Book review) S. M. Panchenko. Forest vegetation of the National Nature Park "Desniansko-Starogutsky"


Russian scientific conference “Biodiversity of the ecosystems of the Far North: inventory, monitoring, protection” (Syktyvkar (Komi Republic) 3–7 June 2013)
S .V. Degteva, E. N. Patova, E. E. Kulyugina

On the work of the section of Geobotany at the XIII Delegate Congress of the Russian Botanical Society «Modern botany in Russia» (Togliatti, 16–22 September 2013)
T. M. Lysenko, V. Yu. Neshataeva

International scientific conference «Vegetation monitoring and assessment» (Minsk – Braslav, Belarus, 2013)
A. V. Pugachevsky, I. P. Voznyachuk, A. V. Sudnik

Выпуск 23, 2013 год