Issue 24, 2014


New associations of the class Molinio-Arrhenatheretea in the in Southern Nechernozemie region of Russia
A. D. Bulokhov

Vegetation of Salavat town (Bashkortostan Republic). V. Native and semi-native herb vegetation (classes Molinio-Arrhenatheretea, Festuco-Brometea and Thero-Salicornietea)
Ya. M. Golovanov, S. M. Yamalov, L. M. Abramova

Dryas fell-fields in the East of the European part of the Russian Arctic
O. V. Lavrinenko, N. V. Matveyeva, I. A. Lavrinenko

Vegetation cover of subtaiga landscapes in premountain plain on a right bank of the Ob river
N. N. Lashchinskiy, M. P. Tishchenko, O. Yu. Pisarenko, N. V. Lashchinskaya

Mountain forest-steppe of South-East Altai and South-West Tuva
N. I. Makunina

Steppificated broad-leaved forests of the alliance Aceri tatarici–Quercion Zólyomi 1957 on the Middle-Russian Upland
Yu. A. Semenishchenkov, A. V. Poluyanov

Aquatic vegetation of the South Urals (Bashkortostan Republic). I. Classes Lemnetea and Charetea
S. M. Yamalov, Ya. M. Golovanov, Z. B. Baktybaeva, S. S. Petrov


Phytocoenology on the XIII Congress of Russian Botanical Society
B. M. Mirkin, L. G. Naumova

22th Workshop of the International Association of Vegetation Science Working Group for the European Vegetation Survey (Rome, Italy, 9–11 April 2013) and 2th FIP International Conference (Rome, Italy, 11–13 April 2013)
T. M. Lysenko, O. V. Cherednichenko, V. Yu. Neshatayeva, V. Yu. Neshataev

Critics and bibliography

(A review) Vegetation of the Czech Republic. 4. Forest and scrub vegetation / Ed. by Milan Chytrý. Praga: Academia, 2013. 551 p.
V. B. Golub

(A review) O. I. Sumina. Development of the vegetation on the industrial habitats of the Russian Far North. St. Petersburg, 2013. 340 p.
B. M. Mirkin, L. G. Naumova

(Books review) V. G. Onipchenko. Functional phytosociology: synecology of plants

(Books review) Atlas of especially protected natural areas of Saint Petersburg / Ed. in chief V. N. Khramtsov, T. V. Kovaleva, N. Yu. Natsvaladze


In memoriam: Elias Landolt (1926–2013)
V. G. Onipchenko

In memoriam: Jean-Marie Géhu (1930–2014)
T. K. Yurkovskaya

Выпуск 24, 2014 год