Issue 25, 2014


Vegetation of Salavat town (Baschkortostan Republic). VI. Native forest vegetation
Ya. M. Golovanov, P. S. Shyrokikh, L. M. Abramova

Syntaxonomical diversity of vegetation of the Dnieper River mouth region. VI. Classes Salicetea purpureae, Alnetea glutinosae
D. V. Dubyna, T. P. Dziuba

To the syntaxonomy of pounikkos mire complexes in the forest-tundra and tundra in the northern part of the Kola Peninsula
N. Е. Koroleva

Plant communities of the Class Festuco-Brometea in the West Siberian Plane
A. Yu. Korolyuk

Phytocoenotic diversity of the gray alder forests the Southern-West of Nechernozemye of Russia
Yu. A. Semenishchenkov

Meadow vegetation of the floodplains of the Vychegda and Pechora rivers. Order Arrhenatheretalia R. Tx. 1931
G. S. Shushpannikova, S. M. Yamalov

Critics and bibliography

(A review) S. S. Kholod. Zonation in the plant cover on the Wrangel Island: syntaxonomical approach. Vegetation of Russia. 2013. N 23. P. 89–121.
N. V. Matveyeva

(A review) Atlas of especially protected natural areas of Saint Petersburg / Ed. in chief V. N. Khramtsov, T. V. Kovaleva, N. Yu. Natsvaladze. St. Petersburg, 2013. 176 p.
Z. V. Karamysheva

(Book review) Vegetation cover of the Central Kamchatka volcanic plateaus (Klyuchevski group of the volcanoes) / Ed. V. Yu . Neshataeva

(Book review) B. M. Mirkin, L. G. Naumova. Brief encyclopedic dictionary of science about vegetation

(Book review) Franco Pedrotti. Plant and Vegetation mapping

The history of science

Some facts of the L. G. Ramensky biography (the 30th years of the XX century)
V. B. Golub

The retrospective of study of the Far North vegetation at the Komarov Botanical institute RAS for the one and half century and prospects for the XXI
N. V. Matveyeva


The All-Russian scientific conference with foreign participants «Ecological problems of northern regions and ways for their solution» (Apatity, June 23–27th, 2014)
N. Е. Koroleva, L. G. Isaeva


Irina Yu. Sumerina (the anniversary of the editor of the journal «Vegetation of Russia»)

Выпуск 25, 2014 год