Issue 26, 2015


Old-field vegetation of the central part of the museum-preserve «The Kulikovo Field» (Tula region)
E. O. Golovina

Reed (Phragmites australis agg.) dominated plant communities in the Lower Volga Valley
V. B. Golub, V. V. Bondareva, A. N. Sorokin, L. F. Nikolaychuk

The diversity and ecological-phytocoenotic characteristics of the birch krummholz (Betula tortuosa Ledeb.) in Altai-Sayan mountain region
E. G. Zibzeev, E. A. Basargin, T. A. Nedovesova

Communities of the class Oxycocco-Sphagnetea Br.-Bl. et R. Tx. 1943 in the East European tundras
O. V. Lavrinenko, I. A. Lavrinenko

Syntaxonomy of zonal dark-coniferous forests of southern taiga of the West Siberian plain and of humid low-mountains of the Altai-Sayan mounain region
N. N. Lashchinsky, A. Yu. Korolyuk

Classification of alder forests on sandy massifs in the Rostov region
T. A. Sokolova

Meadows of north forest-steppe and subtaiga on the Tobol and the Irtysh watershed
M. P. Tishchenko, A. Yu. Korolyuk, N. I. Makunina

Critics and bibliography

(A review) Vegetation соver of the Central Kamchatka volcanic plateaus (Kluchevski group of the volcanoes) / Ed. V. Yu. Neshataeva. Moscow, 2014. 461 p.
B. M. Mirkin, V. B. Martynenko, L. G. Naumova

(Book review) S. V. Osipov. Vegetation cover of the nature reserve “Bureinskiy” (mountain taiga and golets landscapes of the Amur River region)

(Book review) T. L. Andrienko. Modestovna. The story about the Teacher

History of science

Secrets of personal data file for professor Larin
V. B. Golub, N. F. Pastushenko


In memoriam: Lev Pavlovich Rysin (1929–2015)

Выпуск 26, 2015 год