Issue 27, 2015


Syntaxonomy of cyanobacteria-algae coenoses of caves of Russia and some neighboring countries
Sh. R. Abdullin, B. M. Mirkin

Classification of communities with invasive species in the South Urals. II. Communities with a presence of genera Cyclachaena Fresen. and Xanthium L. species
L. M. Abramova

Aquatic vegetation of the South Urals (Bashkortostan Republic). II. Class Potametea
Ya. M. Golovanov, S. M. Yamalov, Z. B. Baktybaeva, S. S. Petrov

Psammophyte vegetation of the Selenga river basin (Republic of Buryatia)
N. A. Dulepova, A. Yu. Korolyuk

Alpine vegetation of the Ivanovskiy, Prokhodnoy and Rossypnoy Ridges (Western Altai)
E. G. Zibzeev, T. A. Nedovesova

Research methods

DRSA: a non-hierarchical clustering algorithm using k-NN graph and its application in vegetation classification
I. V. Goncharenko

Critics and bibliography

(A review) Marianna Leont’evna Ramenskaya (life and scientific activity, selected works, literary translations) / group of authors; ed. E. A. Borovichev, A. M. Kryshen. Apatity: KRC RAS, 2015. 204 p.
B. M. Mirkin, L. G. Naumova

(Book review) B. B. Namzalov. Steppe of the Tuva and South-East Altai


On the work of the meeting «Study and conservation of plant diversity of Eastern Fennoscandia», devoted to the 100-anniversary of M. L. Ramenskaya (Apatity, June 15–19th 2015)
N. Е. Koroleva, E. A. Borovichev

The V All-Russian school-conference in vegetation science in St. Petersburg
О. I. Sumina, D. M. Mirin


Nadezhda V. Matveyeva (the anniversary of the Arctic researcher)

Выпуск 27, 2015 год