Issue 32, 2018


The composition, species richness and species pool size of mono- and oligodominant forest stands of the Western Caucasus
V. V. Akatov

Grasslands of the Sea of Japan coast (Lazovskiy nature reserve named after L. G. Kaplanov. Primorye Territory)
S. V. Dudov

Zonal vegetation of the plain East European tundras
O. V. Lavrinenko, I. A. Lavrinenko

Classification of vegetation of technogenic habitats of Chukotka: new syntaxa of association Arctagrostietum arundinaceae Sumina 1994
O. I. Sumina

Critics and bibliography

(A review) The Vegetation of the Iberian Peninsula / Ed. by Javier Loidi. Cham (Switzerland): Springer, 2017. Vol. 1. 656 p.; Vol. 2. 640 p.
V. B. Golub, L. F. Nikolaychuk, V. A. Chumak

(Book review) Lysenko T. M. Vegetation of saline soils in the Volga region within the forest-steppe and steppe zones


III Russian scientific conference "Biodiversity of the Far North ecosystems: inventory, monitoring, protection" (Syktyvkar, Komi Repuublic, November 20–24, 2017)
S. V. Degteva, E. N. Patova, E. E. Kulyugina

History of science

First expedition by L. G. Ramensky and its importance in his creative biography
V. B. Golub


Elena A. Volkova (the anniversary of the researcher of mountains, steppe, desert, forest, meadow and bog vegetation)
E. I. Rachkovskaya, Z. V. Karamysheva, N. P. Litvinova, I. Yu. Sumerina, V. N. Khramtsov, G. A. Isachenko


In memory of Vera Antonovna Martynenko (1936-2018)
Collegues from Institute of Biology of Коmi Science Centre of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Members of Коmi Branch of the Russian Botanical Society

Выпуск 32, 2018 год