(Book review) Storozhenko V. G., Bykov A. V., Bukhareva O. A., Petrov A. V. Sustainability of forests. Theory and practice of biogeocenotic research. Moscow: KMK Scientific Press LTD, 2018. 171 p.


This book discusses the problems of the structure of forest communities as the development of the ideas of the founder of forest biogeocenology V. N. Sukachev and other researchers. Some new approaches are proposed for determining the status of a number of consorts in forest communities. The theoretical background of the problem of the stability of forests is considered, the theory of successions and various interpretations of its final stages are discussed. The criteria and definition of a sustainable forest community are given. The structure of stable forests of the main forest formations on the Russian Plain is considered. An attempt is made to link the notion of “stability” in application to different ecosystem formations, to the consorts of small mammals and forest entomofauna, in forestry management in forests of various functional orientations and in the sustainable management of forests. For specialists in forest biogeocenology, forestry, ecology, students and graduate students.

Section: Critics and bibliography

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