Memories by Leonid Rodin about Alexei Iljinski

A. K. Sytin, B. K. Gannibal



The publication of memoirs essay by Prof. Leonid Rodin — outstanding geobotanist and desert researcher — is devoted to some biography aspects of his teacher, Prof. Alexey Iljinski. Rodin’s aim was to restore scientific activities rightful place of Alexey ­Iljinski in history of the Department of Geobotany of the Komarov Botanical Institute. Of particular importance is the description of the humanitarian mission of both botanists to Berlin on the eve of the surrender of Nazi Germany. A meeting with the director of the Botanical Garden and the Museum (Berlin-Dahlem), Prof. Ludwig Diels in May 1945, is described.

Key words: Alexei Iljinski, Leonid E. Rodin, Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, history of science

Section: History of science

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Sytin A. K., Gannibal B. K. 2019. Memories by Leonid Rodin about Alexei Iljinski // Vegetation of Russia. N 35. P. 103–110.

Received December 3 2018