(Book review) Diversity and dynamics of grass vegetation of the Desna River floodplain


Bulokhov A. D., Semenishchenkov Yu. A., Panasenko N. N., Kharin A. V., Akhromeev L. M. Diversity and dynamics of grass vegetation of the Desna River floodplain. Bryansk: RISO BGU, 2021. 240 p., 65 Table, 16 Fig., 72 photo.

The book presents the results of the study of the diversity of grass vegetation in the Desna River floodplain in conditions of xerophytization and changes in environmental management in recent decades. The syntaxa of grass vegetation established with use of the J. Braun-Blanquet approach, which were not­ed for the first time in the Desna River valley and formed as a result of the climatic and anthropogenic processes, are described; the phytocoenotic diversity of model syntaxa, which play the greatest role in the formation of the vegetation of the xerophytizated floodplain, is characterized. The book is ad­dressed to phytocoenologists, experts in the field of nature conservation, teachers, students and graduate students of universities in biological areas, nature lovers.

Section: Critics and bibliography