Issue 47, 2023


Psammophyte vegetation of the Khudan River valley (Republic of Buryatia)
A. Yu. Korolyuk

Inter-habitat differences in the species composition of plant communities with low and high participation of dominant species
V. V. Akatov, T. V. Akatova, D. F. Afanasyev, T. G. Eskina, N. M. Sazonets, E. G. Sushkova, S. G. Chefranov

Pine (Pinus sylvestris) forests and sparse forests of the Nothern-West Ladoga region
M. A. Smirnova (Makarova)

Syntaxa of dark coniferous forests and Siberian dwarf pine thickets in the Russian Far East (the class Vaccinio-Piceetea)
K. A. Korznikov, P. V. Krestov

The vegetation of frozen peat palsa of mire complexes in the north of Western Siberia and Taimyr peninsula
E. D. Lapshina, I. V. Filippov, G. N. Ganasevich

Classification of beech (Fagus orientalis) forests of the Western Caucasus
N. B. Ermakov, Yu. V. Plugatar, V. D. Leiba

A new class of the halophytic plant communities in Russia (Climacopteretea crassae Akhani 2004 ex Świerszcz et al. 2021)
A. V. Chuvashov, V. B. Golub


Vegetation science and phytogeography at the Fourth All-Russian Conference “Biodiversity of the Far North’s Ecosystems: Inventory, Monitoring, and Conservation” (Syktyvkar, June 5–9, 2023)
V. Yu. Neshataeva

International Symposium “Mires of Northern Eurasia: biosphere functions, diversity and management” (Petrozavodsk, September 25–28, 2023)
T. G. Ivchenko, S. R. Znamenskiy, V. Yu. Neshataeva, O. V. Galanina, M. A. Smirnova, N. S. Liksakova

Выпуск 47, 2023 год