Vadim Iliushin

Vadim Iliushin

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Position: Research Assistant


Research interests:

  • Biodiversity and ecology of microscopic soil fungi.
  • Extremophilic micromycetes.

Keywords: Micromycetes, extremophiles, microscopic fungi, spoil tips of coal mines, Arctic

Education and work experience:

2012-2016 – Tomsk State University, Biological Institute. Bachelor of Biology. Thesis: «The influence of the composition of nutrient media and oxygen regimes on the morphophysiological and biochemical characteristics of Lentinula edodes».
2016-2018 – Tomsk State University, Biological Institute. Master of Biology. Thesis: «Study of the biodiversity of micromycetes of extreme ecosystems of the Altai Republic».
2018-present – Komarov Botanical Institute of the RAS, postgraduate study.

2015-2016 – Tomsk state University, Department of plant Physiology and biotechnology, Laboratory Assistant.
2018 – until now – Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, scientific-educational center, Laboratory Assistant.
2018 – until now – Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, laboratory of systematics and geography of fungi, Research Assistant.

Grants and research projects:

Conferences and workshops:


Selected publications:

Iliushin V.A. Aspergillus sibiricus (Aspergillaceae, Eurotiales), a novel acid-tolerant species in Aspergillus section Fumigati. Phytotaxa. 2022. 531(1): 63-72.

Crous P.W., … Iliushin V.A. et al. Fungal Planet description sheets: 1184-1382. Persoonia. 2021. 47: 178-374.

Kirtsideli I. Yu., Lukina E. G., Iliushin V. A., Vlasov D. Yu. Diversity of Microfungi on Driftwood in the Coastal Zone of the Greenland Sea (Svalbard Archipelago). Mikologiya I Fitopatologiya. 2021. 55(3): 178-188. [In Russian]

Iliushin V.A., Kirtsideli I.Y. Dynamics of complexes of microscopic fungi in the process of overgrowing spoil tips of coal mines in the southern tundra zone (Komi Republic). Mikologiya I Fitopatologiya. 2021. 55(2): 129-137.

Iliushin V.A. First find of Cadophora antarctica Rodr.-Andrade, Stchigel, Mac Cormack & Cano in the Arctic. Czech Polar Reports. 2020. 10(2): 147-152.

Kirtsideli I.Yu., Vlasov D.Yu., Zelenskaya M.S., Iliushin V.A., Novozhilov Yu.K., Churkina I.V., Barantsevich E.P Assessment of anthropogenic invasion of microfungi in Arctic ecosystems, (exemplified by Spitsbergen archipelago). Gigiena i Sanitariya (Hygiene & Sanitation, Russian Journal). 2020. 99(2): 145–151. [In Russian]

Ilyushin V.A., Plotnikov E.V. The effect of phenylphenol on the activity of lignolytic enzymes Lentinula edodes W4. Vestn. KrasGAU. 2018. 3: 211-216. [In Russian]