Ilya Prokopiev

Ilya Prokopiev

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Academic degree, academic title: Ph.D.

Position: Senior Researcher


Research interests:

  • Study of the component composition of secondary metabolites of lichens. Establishing the structure of compounds, identifying their biological activity.
  • Revealing the relationship between the qualitative and quantitative content of secondary metabolites in lichens and the ecological conditions of their growth.
  • Development of metabolomic profiling as a new approach in lichen chemotaxonomy.

Keywords: Secondary metabolites, chromatography, mass spectrometry, chemotaxonomy, lichens

Education and work experience:

2001-2006 – Yakutsk State University M.K. Ammosov.
2009 – Ph.D. thesis: «Physiological, biochemical and population adaptations of wild plants of South and Central Yakutia» (supervisor A. Zhuravskaya).

2019 – until now – Senior Researcher of Laboratory of Phytochemistry Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.

Grants and research projects:

Project leader:

  • 2017-2019. RFBR № 17-04-01483-a «Metabolome analysis as a new approach in chemotaxonomy of lichen genus».
  • 2016. Grant of the head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for young scientists and specialists No. 16/16 «Study of genotoxicity and antigenotoxicity of secondary metabolites of lichens».
  • 2014. Grant of the Scientific and Educational Foundation of Young Scientists of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) № 2014-01-0009 «Variability of the content of usnic acid in the tissues of lichens, coupled with the geographical latitude of growth».

Member of research team:

  • 2019-2021. RFBR № 19-04-00074-а «Biodiversity and phylogenetic relationships of lichens of the Far East and West coast of North America on the example of the families Micareaceae and Teloschistaceae».
  • 2018-2020. RFBR № 18-44-140019 р_а «Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of cryoprotectants of lichens in the Arctic and Subarctic».
  • 2018-2019. RFBR № 18-34-00332 мол_а «Taxonomic revision of the genera Arctoparmelia Hale and Flavocetraria Kärnefelt & Thell in Russia».

Selected publications:

Prokopiev I.A., Filippova G.V. Effect of (+) and (–) Usnic Acid on Physiological, Biochemical, and Cytological Characteristics of Allium fistulosum seeds. Russ. J. Plant Physiol. 2020. 67(6): 1046–1053.

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Prokopiev I.A., Filippov E.V., Filippova G.V., Gladkina N.P. Genotoxicity of usnic-acid enantiomers in vitro in human peripheral-blood lymphocytes. Cell and Tissue Biology. 2017. 11(2): 141–146.