Konstantin Skvortsov

Konstantin Skvortsov

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Position: Research Assistant

E-mail: KSkvorcov@binran.ru

Research interests:

  • Flora and vegetation of the Koryak Highlands.
  • Alien species in the Arctic and Subarctic.

Keywords: Phytocoenology, ecology, biogeography, vegetation cover of mountains, plant cover structure, Arctic, Subarctic, Koryak Highlands

Education and work experience:

2017 — bachelor of science in the Saint-Petersburg State Forest Technical University.
2020 — master's degree in the Saint-Petersburg State University (Applied ecology).
2020 — until now — graduate school in Komarov Botanical Institute RAS (V.Yu. Neshataeva, head).

2020 — Laboratory Assistant, Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.
2023 — until now — Research Assistant, Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.


Grants and research projects:

Member of research team:

  • 2023–2024. Grant of the Russian Science Foundation № 23-27-00202 «Botanical and geographical patterns of vegetation cover differentiation of the north of Koryak district, vegetation classification and geobotanical zoning of its territory as the basis for typology of reindeer pastures».
  • 2019–2021. RFBR №19-05-00805-а «The patterns of the Beringian forest-tundra zone vegetation cover differentiation and the main phytogeography borders in Noth-East Asia».

Professional memberships:

Selected publications:

Neshataeva V.Yu., Neshataev V.Yu., Skvortsov K.I., Kuzmina E.Yu., Korablev A.P. Classification of dwarf pine communities in the North of the Koryak District (Kamchatka Territory). Botanicheskii Zhurnal. 2023. 108(11): 951–970. [In Russian]

Neshataeva V.Yu., Skvortsov K.I., Yakubov V.V. Plant, lichen and fungi forage species of reindeer pastures in the Olyutorsky District of the Koryak Region (Kamchatka Territory). Rastitelnye Resursy. 2023. 59(2): 109–128. [In Russian]

Skvortsov K.I., Neshataeva V.Yu., Yakubov V.V. Records of New Species of Vascular Plants in the Northern Koryakia. Botanicheskii Zhurnal. 2023. 108(4): 380–382. [In Russian]

Egorov A.A., Afonin A.N., Skvortsov K.I., Milyutina E.A. Probability of the Emerald Ash Borer Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire (Coleoptera, Buprestidae) Spreading by Flight in the Green Spaces along the M10 Highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Entomological Review. 2022. 102(5): 561–570.

Neshataev V.Yu., Neshataeva V.Yu., Sinelnikova N.V., Skvortsov K.I. Species and coenotic diversity of the floodplain forests’ communities in the North-East of Russia. Russian Journal of Forest Science (Lesovedenie). 2022. 6: 713–726. [In Russian]

Neshataeva V.Yu., Kirichenko V.E., Skvortsov K.I. Vegetation cover and the types of reindeer pastures in the North of the Koryak Region. Voprosy geografii Kamchatki. 2022. 17: 67–79.

Skvortsov K.I., Neshataeva V.Yu., Neshataev V.Yu., Yakubov V.V., Kuzmina E.Yu., Kirichenko V.E. New data on the distribution of japanese white birch (Betula platyphylla Sukacz.) in the Olyutorsky District of the Koryak Okrug (Kamchatsky Krai). Transactions of the Karelian Research Centre of RAS. 2022. 1: 89–97.