Anna Fedosova

Anna Fedosova

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Academic degree, academic title: Ph.D.

Position: Research Assistant


Research interests:

  • Diversity, distribution, systematics and molecular phylogeny of Geoglossomycetes.

Keywords: Geoglossomycetes, systematics, diversity, phylogeny, taxonomy, distribution, Ascomycota

Education and work experience:

2006-2010 — Bachelor of Biology, Saint-Petersburg State University, Faculty of Biology and Soil Science, Department of Botany. Diploma with distinction. Bachelor’s Thesis: «Microfungi associated with Scots pine needles (Pinus sylvestris L.) of Keretsky archipelago islands (White Sea)», supervisor Tobias A.V.
2010-2012 — Master of Biology, Saint-Petersburg State University, Faculty of Biology and Soil Science, Specialized in Ecology, Biodiversity, Bioresources. Department of Botany. Diploma with distinction. Master’s Thesis: «Section Boletus of the genus Boletus L.: Fr. in Russia: species diversity, morphology, ecology and phylogeny», supervisors Kovalenko A.E., Tobias A.V.
2012-2015 — Postgraduate Studies, specialized in Mycology, Laboratory of Systematics and Geography of Fungi, Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.
2019 — PhD (candidate of science). Thesis: «Family Geoglossaceae (Ascomycota) in Russia», supervisor Kovalenko A.E.

2011 — Senior Laboratory Assistant, Laboratory of Systematics and Geography of Fungi, Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.
2012-2015 — Senior Laboratory Assistant, Education and Research Center, Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.
2015 – until now — Research Assistant, Laboratory of Systematics and Geography of Fungi, Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.

Grants and research projects:

Project leader:

Member of research team:

  • 2019-2021. RFBR 19-04-00024 А «Heterobasidioid fungi Pucciniomycotina (Basidiomycetes) in the light of the evolution approach: phylogeny, biodiversity and functional role in natural communities».
  • 2016-2018. RFBR № 16-04-01468 А «Mixotrophy of pyroloids (Pyrola spp. and Orthilia secunda) and orchids (Goodyera repens) in forest communities: structure and significance of fungal symbionts».
  • 2015-2017. RFBR № 15-29-02622 офи_м «The estimation of the «hidden diversity» of higher fungi and myxomycetes in soils of vulnerable natural ecosystems on the base of metagenomic approach and classical molecular analysis».
  • 2015-2017. RFBR № 15-04-04645 А «The systematics and phylogeny of the genus Entoloma s.l. (Entolomataceae, Agaricales) based on the morphological and on the molecular genetic approaches».
  • 2013-2015. RFBR № 13-04-00838 А «Resolving of urgent questions of genosystematics and geography of basidiomycetes (clade Boletales, Agaricales, Dacrymycetales, Auriculariales) on the basis of a multigene approach».
  • 2012-2014. RFBR № 12-04-33018 мол_а_вед «The main trends of divergence of the cryptic species of fungi and myxomycetes as a result of climate change and as an indicator of functional state of the ecosystems».
  • 2012-2013. RFBR № 12-04-31867 мол_а «Taxonomic diversity and structure of xylotrophic macromycetes communities in broad-leaved forests of Southern Non-Chernozem Zone of Russia».

Other projects:

  • 2009-2011. Scientific program П1300 «Phylogeography trends and evolution of model groups of basidiomycetes and slime molds».

Conferences and workshops:


  • 24th Nordic Mycological Congress. Norway, Stord, September 03-08, 2019.
  • XX Symposium of Baltic Mycologists and Lichenologists. Poland, Gdańsk, September 25-29, 2017. Poster.
  • V. českobudějovické mykologické dny. Czech Republic, České Budějovice, October 14-17, 2016.
  • 11. mykologické dni na Slovensku. Slovakia, Snina, October 02-08, 2016.
  • XIX Symposium of the Baltic Mycologists and Lichenologists. Latvia, Šķēde, September 22-26, 2014. Poster.


Selected publications:

Kučera V., Valda S., Fedosova A.G. New records of earth tongue Leucoglossum leucosporum in Central Europe. Biologia. 2021. 76: 2105-2112.

Fedosova A.G., Popov E.S., Lizoň P., Kučera V. Towards an understanding of the genus Glutinoglossum with emphasis on the Glutinoglossum glutinosum species complex (Geoglossaceae, Ascomycota). Persoonia. 2018. 41: 18–38.

Kučera V., Fedosova A.G. First record of Hemileucoglossum littorale in Slovakia. Catathelasma. 2017. 18: 33–38.

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Fedosova A.G. Proposal to conserve the name Geoglossum uliginosum Hakelier against G. uliginosum (Pers.) P. Crouan & H. Crouan (Ascomycota: Geoglossaceae). Taxon. 2017. 66(3): 750–751.

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Fedosova A.G. The new record of Entonaema cinnabarinum (Xylariaceae, Ascomycota) in Europe. Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Series 3. Biology. 2012. 1: 10–13. [In Russian]

Fedosova A.G., Tobias A.V. Needle-inhabiting fungi on some islands of Keret archipelago (the White Sea). Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Series 3. Biology. 2012. 4: 68–74. [In Russian]