Gregory Tyusov

Gregory Tyusov

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Academic degree, academic title: Ph.D.

Position: Research Scientist


Research interests:

  • The impact of climate change on vegetation.
  • Mapping of habitats, vegetation.

Keywords: Arctic, tundra, thematic mapping, GIS, biogeography, landscape science, applied climatology

Education and work experience:

2012 – graduated from Department of Physical Geography and Landscape Planning, St. Petersburg State University.
2013-2016 – Postgraduate student, The Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory.

2012-2018 – Leading Engineer, Laboratory of Geography and Cartography of Vegetation, Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.
2018 – until now – Research Scientist, Laboratory of Vegetation Cover Dynamics in the Arctic, Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.
2019 – until now – Assistant, Department of Biogeography and Nature Conservation, St. Petersburg State University.

Grants and research projects:

Member of research team:

  • 2020-2022. RSF № 20-17-00160 «Classification and mapping of the East European tundra habitats in the EUNIS system as a basis for their study and protection, preparation of a Red List of habitats».
  • 2020-2021. RFBR № 20-55-00007 «Modern tendencies of large-scale atmospheric circulation and their manifestation in the variability of the hydrothermal regime of the Arctic and Baltic basins of the East European Plain».
  • 2019-2020. RFBR № 18-05-00860-а «Alpine landscapes of Altai-Sayan region as analogs of Pleistocene periglacials».
  • 2018. RFBR № 18-04-20002-г «The project of organizing an all-Russian scientific conference with international participation «IX meeting in memoriam of E.A. Galkina».
  • 2014-2016. RFBR № 14-05-00796-а «Study of the morphology, genesis and dynamics of rock-ice formations of the Altai-Sayan mountainous country».
  • 2015. RFBR № 13-04-01385-а «Geobotanical zoning of Eastern European tundras as a basis for assessing and preserving their cenotic diversity».
  • 2015. RFBR № 13-05-00837-а «The structure and spatial organization of floodplain and bog ecosystems on gypsum and limestone deposits of the Arkhangelsk Region».

Editorial activity:

  • Editorial Board member of the Journal «Geobotanical mapping»
  • Cartographer-editor «Ethno-confessional illustrated atlas of the Leningrad Region»

Selected publications:

Chistyakov K.V., Amosov M.I., Kurochkin Yu.N., … Tyusov G.A. Tundra and Steppe Locations of Altai Highland Depressions: Features of Vegetation Community and Soil Cover and Their Thermal Regime. Contemporary Problems of Ecology. 2021. 14(3): 231−240.

Ivanova K.V., Tyusov G.A. Vegetation as a base for diagnostics and mapping of east-european tundra habitats. Transactions of the Kоla Science Centre. Applied Ecology of the North. Series 9. 2021. 12(6): 19-25.

Chistyakov K.V., Amosov M.I., ... Tyusov G.A. et al. Climatic Conditions of Steppe and Tundra Formations in the Altai Highland Depressions. Vestnik of Saint-Petersburg University. Earth Sciences. 2019. 64(4): 612–627.

Tyusov G.A., Akentyeva E.M., Pavlova T.V., Shkolnik I.M. Projected climate change impacts on the operation of power engineering facilities in Russia. Russian Meteorology and Hydrology. 2017. 42(12): 775−782.

Akentyeva E.M., Sidorenko G.I., Tyusov G.A. Assessment of climate change and variability impact on the hydroelectric potential of the Russia’s regions. Proceedings of Main Geophysical Observatory. 2014. 570: 95−105.

Ethno-confessional atlas of the Leningrad Region. 2017. 656 p.