Oksana Butuzova

Oksana Butuzova

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Academic degree, academic title: Ph.D.

Position: Research Scientist

E-mail: OButuzova@binran.ru

Research interests:

  • Phenomenon of underdeveloped embryo after dissemination.
  • Optimization of embryogenesis processes and seed germination in rare plant species.
  • Mathematical formalization of developmental processes as a graph of cell events.

Keywords: Developmental biology, phenomenon of underdeveloped embryo, seed dormancy, morphogenesis, embryogenesis, graphs of cell events

Education and work experience:

M.Sc. in Plant biology. Sankt-Petersburg State University, Department of Biology. Master Thesis: «To systematics of the genus Dentaria L. of Brassicaceae Burnett family from Europe and Caucasus».
Ph.D in Biology. Komarov Botanic Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences: «The formation of the seed in relation to the phenomenon of embryo postdevelopment on the example of the family Ranunculaceae Juss».

Until now — Research Scientist of Laboratory of Plant Embryology and Reproductive Biology, Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.

Grants and research projects:

Member of research team:

  • 2014–2015. Grant of the President of RF to support leading scientific schools № NSH-5282.2014.4. «Development of the theory of plant reproduction from the standpoint of the problem of the integrity and reliability of biosystems. Polyvariance of morphogenetic developmental programs, natural and artificial models of their implementation».
  • 2013–2015. Grant RFBR № 13-04-96605 р_юг_а «Features of the biology of some rare endangered and economically valuable plant species (family Orchidaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Campanulaceae, etc.), development of technologies for their accelerated reproduction to preserve the biological diversity of plant communities in the Krasnodar Region».
  • 2011–2013. Grant RFBR № 11-04-01466 «Morpho-processes at different modes of reproduction from the position of nontraditional approaches and notions».
  • 2008–2010. Grant RFBR № 08-04-00076 «Polyvariety of the development of gametophyte and double structures as a base of polyembryony and genetic heterogeneity of seeds».
  • 2002–2004. Grant RFBR № 02–04–49806 «Specifics of interaction embryo-endosperm at the disturbance of morpho-physiological dormancy».

Other projects:

  • International project «Mathematical formalization of developmental program in early plant embryos» in collaboration with Institut des hautes études scientifiques, (IHÉS) Bures-sur-Yvette, France (prof. C. Soulé, prof. M. Gromov, Dr. N. Morozova) and Komarov Botanical Institute RAS, St-Petersburg, Russia (Dr. G. Titova, Dr. O. Butuzova).

The aim of project — modeling of early embryogenesis stages of angiosperm species, presented as a graph of cell events, on the base of the hypothesis of epigenetic cell surface code, realized in the developmental program.

Selected publications:

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