Elena Evdokimova

Elena Evdokimova

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Position: Research Assistant

E-mail: EEvdokimova@binran.ru

Research interests:

  • Investigation of reproductive biology of orchids.
  • Study of the structure of reproductive organs (anther) in the representatives of Campanulaceae family.

Keywords: Pollen grains, the structure of the wall of anther locule, pollination, Orchidaceae, Campanulaceae

Education and work experience:

1993 — graduated from the Faculty of Biology and Soil Science of the Leningrad State University.

1997 — until now — employee of the Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.

Grants and research projects:

Member of research team:

  • 2015–2017. Program of Presidium of RAS «Biodiversity of nature systems. Biological resources of Russia. Assessment of the state and the fundamental basics of monitoring». (Subprogram «Biodiversity: state and dynamics») «Creation of an integrated base of inventoried knowledge on developmental biology».
  • 2015–2017. Basic Research Program of the Presidium of the RAS «Biodiversity of Natural Systems. Biological Resources of Russia: Assessment of the State and Fundamental Basics of Monitoring», Subprogram «Genetic Pools of Wildlife and Their Preservation» «Molecular genetic aspects of natural hybridization and features of reproductive biology in orchids».
  • 2014–2015. Grant of the President of RF to support leading scientific schools №NSH-5282.2014.4 «Development of the theory of plant reproduction from the standpoint of the problem of the integrity and reliability of biosystems. Polyvariance of morphogenetic developmental programs, natural and artificial models of their implementation».
  • 2013–2014. RFBR №13-04-96605-а «Features of the biology of some rare endangered and economically valuable plant species (Orchidaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Campanulaceae, etc.), development of technologies for their accelerate reproduction to preserve the biological diversity of plant communities in the Krasnodar Region».

Conferences and workshops:


  • International conference «Protection and cultivation of orchids». Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod, May 25–28, 2018. Poster.

Selected publications:

Zhinkina N.A., Evdokimova E.E. Development of male reproductive structures in Campanula alliarifolia Wild. (Campanulaceae). Botanicheskii zhurnal. 2023. 108(11): 44–52. [In Russian]

Zhinkina N.A., Evdokimova E.E., Shamrov I.I. Peculiarities of anther structure in Codonopsis clematidea (Campanulaceae). Botanicheskii Zurnal. 2022. 107(3): 287–301.

Andronova E.V., Kovaleva A.A., Evdokimova E.E., Nazarov V.V. and Semeonov A.V. Fruitage and seed viability of Orchis purpurea (Orchidaceae) at the northeast limit of distribution. The International Journal of Plant Reproductive Biology. 2020. 12(1): 56–66.

Zhinkina N.A., Evdokimova E.E. The development of anther in Platycodon grandiflorus (Campanulaceae). Botanicheskii zhurnal. 2020. 105(3): 300–309. [In Russian]

Andronova E.V., Kovaleva A.A., Evdokimova E.E., Nazarov V.V. The reasons of low viability of seeds in Orchis purpurea (Orchidaceae) in Crimea. Botanicheskii zhurnal. 2018. 103(8): 992–1002. [In Russian]

Andronova E.V., Evdokimova E.E., Semeonov A.V. Reasons for the formation of non-viably diaspora in Orchis purpurea subsp. Caucasica (Orchidaceae). Science of Kuban. 2016. 3: 13–20. [In Russian].

Andronova E.V., Evdokimova E.E., Semeonov A.V. Fructification, heterospermy and seed quality in Orchis purpurea subsp. Caucasica (Orchidaceae). Botanicheskii zhurnal. 2015. 100 (4): 359–372. [In Russian]