Svetlana Shadrina

Svetlana Shadrina

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Position: Research Assistant


Phone number: +7 (812) 372-54-14 ext. 2207

Research interests:

  • Floristics, taxonomy, ecology, biogeography, dormant stages and cultivation of golden algae.
  • Phytoplankton of fresh and brackish water bodies.
  • Hypersaline lakes.
  • «Blooming» of water and biologically active substances of algae and cyanoprokaryotes.

Keywords: Chrysophyceae, stomatocysts, biodiversity, ecology, phytoplankton, hypersaline lakes

Education and work experience:

2004-2013 – Student of St. Petersburg State University.
2014-2018 – Postgraduate student of the Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.

2014-2018 – Senior Laboratory Assistant at the Scientific and Educational Center of the Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.
2018 – until now – Research Assistant at the Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.

Selected publications:

Kotkova V.M., Afonina O.M., Dejidmaa T., … Shadrina S.N. et al. New cryptogamic records. 8. Novosti Sist. Nizsh. Rast. 2021. 55(2): 495-516.

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Shadrina S.N., Safronova T.V. Chrysophycean stomatocysts (Chrysophyta) in the algal flora of the Peterhof parks. Botanicheskii zhurnal. 2020. 105(3): 253-262. (In Russian.)

Shadrina S.N. The diversity of Chrysophycean (Chrysophyta) stomatocysts in the gulf of Finland, Baltic sea. Botanicheskii zhurnal. 2019. 104(5): 684-698. (In Russian.)

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