Kirill Gorin

Kirill Gorin

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Position: Senior Laboratory Assistant


Research interests:

  • Biological diversity of Cyanoprokaryota of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea.
  • Structural features of Cyanoprokaryota communities.

Keywords: Cyanoprokaryota, Cyanobacteria, Gulf of Finland, Plankton, bentos

Education and work experience:

2013-2016 – Bachelor course at Herzen State Pedagogical University. Faculty of Biology. Direction: natural science education (biology profile).
2016-2018 – Master's degree program at Saint-Petersburg State University. Faculty of Biology and Soil Science. Direction: ecology and nature management.

2018 – until now – Postgraduate student of the Komarov Botanical Institute RAS.

Grants and research projects:

Member of research team:

  • 2021-2023. Russian Science Foundation № 21-14-00029 «The Analysis of Cyanobacteria cryptic speciation in the Arctic region».

Selected publications:

Gorin K.K., Nikitina V.N., Beljakova R.N. Cyanoprokaryota structural features of several coastal habitats of the Neva Bay, the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea. Proceedings of the Kola Scientific Center RAS. 2016. 7-4(41): 58–71. (In Russian.)

Popov I., Fadeeva A., … Gorin K. et al. Effectiveness of «Тhe IUCN red list of threatened species» application on a regional scale: current state of the «Red Data books» of Russia. Biological Communications. 2017. 1: 57–60.