Valentina Neshataeva

Valentina Neshataeva

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Academic degree, academic title: Dr.Sc.

Position: Laboratory Head


Research interests:

  • Vegetation science.
  • Phytogeography.
  • Vegetation of European Russia, Caucasus and Russian Far East.

Keywords: Vegetation, classification, plant cover structure, geobotanical subdivision; vegetation cover of mountains

Education and work experience:

1975 — entered the Leningrad State Univesity, Biology Department, from which graduated with honors in geobotany in 1982.
1984 — enrolled in graduate school BIN (B. N. Norin, head), from which graduated in 1988.
1988 — PhD thesis «Formation of Siberian dwarf-pine (Pinus pumila) of the Kamchatka Peninsula».
2000 — enrolled to doctoral probation Komarov Botanical Institute RAS, from which graduated in 2004.
2006 — doctoral thesis «Vegetation of the Kamchatka Peninsula».

1983 — entered the Komarov Botanical Institute (BIN) to the post of Research Assistant.
1988 — enlisted in BIN to the post Research Assistant in the Laboratory of Plant Community Ecology.
2015 — until now — Head of Laboratory of General Botany BIN RAS.

Grants and research projects:

State task

  • From 2021 No. 121032500047-1 " Vegetation of European Russia and Northern Asia: diversity, dynamics, principles of organization».

Project Leader:

  • 2019-2021. RFBR № 19-05-00805-а «The patterns of the Beringian forest-tundra zone vegetation cover differentiation and the main phytogeography borders in Noth-East Asia».
  • 2016-2018. RFBR № 16-05-00736-а «Vegetation cover of the North Koryak Land and its position in the phytogeographical subdivision of the North-East Asia».
  • 2017. RFBR № 17-35-50111-mol_nr «The study of the community diversity, habitats and geographical distribution of the pine forests of Daghestan».
  • 2016. RFBR № 16-34-501999-mol_nr «The patterns of species and community diversity of forest communities of the South –Western part of Moscow Region».
  • 2015. RFBR № 15-34-51040-mol_nr «The study of species diversity and community diversity of the Daghestan Republic pine (Pinus kochiana) forests».
  • 2014. RFBR № 14-34-50239-mol_nr «The study of the East Kamchatka mountain tundra vegetation cover and its resistance to volcanogenic disturbances».
  • 2011-2013. RFBR № 11-04-00027-а «The patterns of the vegetation cover of volcanic areas of the Kamchatka Peninsula differentiation and dynamics».
  • 2008-2010. RFBR № 08-04-01294-а «The patterns of the vegetation cover volcanogenic transformation and dynamics on the example of Kamchatka».
  • 2005.RFBR № 05-04-48035-а «The influence of volcanic eruptions to the Kamchatka vegetation dynamic and evolution».

Member of research team:

  • 2012-2013. RFBR № 12-04-32157-mol_а «The patterns of vegetation cover formation on the juvenile volcanic substrata» (led by A.P. Korablev).
  • 2017-2019. RFBR № 17-04-01754-а «The dynamics of the functional plant communities organization under the influence of modern volcanism» (led by A.P. Korablev).

Professional memberships:

Editorial activity:

Scientific-organizational and teaching activities:

  • Member of doctor scientific council in BIN RAS
  • The head of the Phd thesises: Korablev A. P. (2012), Pesterov A. O. (2012–2015), Abdurakhmanova Z. I. (2013–2016); M. P. Vyatkina (2011–2015), L. N. Beldiman (2014–2016).
  • Opponent of the PhD and Dr. Sci. thesises.

Selected publications:


Neshataeva V.Yu., Korablev A.P., Vyatkina M.P. et al. Vegetation Cover of the Central Kamchatka volcanic plateaus (Kluchevskaya volcano group, Kamchatka) / ed. by V.Yu Neshataeva. Moscow: KMK, 2014. 461 p. [In Russian]

Neshataeva V.Yu. Vegetation of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Moscow: KMK, 2009. 572 p. [In Russian]

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